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Introducing Preferred Lease,
A New No Credit Needed Solution.

Flexible solutions to fit your business!

No two stores are alike. So why settle for a one-fits-all solution to serve your customers? Only Preferred Lease offers you the flexibility to implement a lease-to-own program in a way that works best for your store and your customers.

Preferred Lease has combined the resources of two of the nation's largest lease-to-own companies to create one powerful solution. Now you can enable more credit-challenged consumers to get more of the products they want with the industry’s first lease-to-own program specifically tailored to your business and customers.

In-Store Staffed Kiosk

  • Preferred Lease agents help close customers in your store.

Self-Guided Digital Kiosk

  • Our fast and easy automated kiosk enables customers to start the lease process immediately.

Service is what we're all about. Quick, easy flexible ownership options allow us to give more customers the shopping power they need. The more customers we can serve, the bigger the increase in your overall sales volume.

  • Quick, easy approval process lets you serve customers faster

  • Customers can get started for only $49

  • Customers can get approved for up to $4,000

  • Providing flexible ownership options attracts more customers

Giving you the lease-to-own option that works best in your stores helps maximize your opportunity to attract more customers. And we'll be with you every step of the way to make it as effortless as possible.

  • Manned kiosk, mobile or both!

  • Best-in-class service available 7 days a week

  • Ongoing training for our retailer partners’ sales teams

  • Advanced technology for seamless program integration

Over the years, our lease-purchase services have helped our retail partners serve millions of customers and generate billions in revenue. Now as Preferred Lease, combining our strengths into an exclusive hybrid “No Credit Needed” solution will translate into millions more for more than 4,500 retailers nationwide.

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Our Story

AcceptanceNOW and Merchants Preferred are now Preferred Lease— the only lease-to-own program providing on-site representatives or a virtual platform.

AcceptanceNOW was among the first to work with retailer partners to offer a lease-purchase transaction, within our retail locations, as a way to “save the sale.” A customer turned down for credit no longer had to leave empty-handed. 

With the AcceptanceNOW lease-to-own program, we buy the product and lease it to the consumer. The retailer still gets the sale and the customer goes home with the product they want. 

Since AcceptanceNOW began in 2005, many competitors from outside the traditional lease-purchase industry have entered the market, but AcceptanceNOW brings unique industry expertise and personal interaction to the transaction. For many years, we’ve offered a staffed model, where our industry-trained personnel operate in the retail location, and now we’ve joined forces with Merchants Preferred to offer our partners a virtual platform as well. As Preferred Lease, we are able to combine our experience and offer our partners the No Credit Needed solution that works best for their customers. 

Our knowledge and experience make it easy on you.

Our experienced personnel make the process easy for the retailer. Once they let customers know that there is an alternative to credit available and introduce them to Preferred Lease, we take it from there. With our staffed model, our coworkers will continue serving the customers, walking them through the transaction and answering questions along the way. They explain the value and flexibility of the lease-purchase option and how it can help the customers that credit won’t help to get the products they want for their homes. We convert the negative experience of a credit decline into a positive when the customer gets the exact product they selected in your store. The customers get great service and your team gets back to the sales floor.

We have a No Credit Needed solution that fits every business.

We recognize that our staffed model is not always the right fit, whether it’s space limitations or volume that cannot justify the overhead of our staffed model. To continue to serve in those cases, we have invested significantly in technology that can still convert the empty-handed customer into a customer who gets to enjoy the products they want. For that to work its best, we need to ensure that the retailer’s staff understands our business and communicates key elements of our transaction. From there, our technology covers the rest. While our technology solution will show the customer all of the key terms and provisions of the contract, it is important that the customer starts from the right place. That’s where the retailer’s staff comes in. If you make clear the value proposition and the distinction from credit, customer confusion goes down and the take rate goes up. Greater take rate, means greater sales.

An alternative to financing for your customers without credit.

We are not “credit” or “financing.” We offer a flexible lease-purchase program that allows the customer to get the product they want and “pay as they go.” Rather than making a credit commitment for the full amount of the purchase price and interest as they would with a credit sale, our customers simply make lease payments on a schedule that fits their budget while they enjoy the product. They are not obligated to obtain ownership but always have the option. They have the flexibility to make easy payments until they make that decision or for the full term of the agreement, without the burden of being obligated to pay the full purchase price and, if they choose to own it early, they can save.

Discover how our combined power of flexible ownership options, flexible program options and unmatched service for you and your customers will open the door to more revenue than any other lease-purchase program.